Bring friends & family to Oceanside beaches and experience the fun of hunting for glass art pieces while enjoying our area.

    Tidal Treasures - Glass Floats

    1. We Hide It!

    "Float Fairies" place handcrafted glass floats and other dazzling sea creatures above the high tide line on specific beaches at random times and locations. No treasures are placed in environmentally sensitive areas so there is no need to dig in the sand or move the driftwood.

    Tidal Treasures - Glass Floats

    2. You Find It!

    Look for treasures along the beaches’ high tide line near and around logs. Access the beaches through designated public beach access. If you find one, you keep it!

    See below for maps.

    Tidal Treasures - Prizes

    3. Win Bonus Prizes!

    If you find a treasure, take it to the Parksville Visitor Centre during the week and to Pines Gift Shop at Tigh-Na-Mara Spa Resort on the weekend to learn more about the artists and register for a chance to win a prize. If your float has a red star, you are an instant prize winner.

    Note: Park at Rathtrevor Provincial Park. Parking at Resorts for Resort Guests Only.



    Overview Map of Locations

    Note: Park at Rathtrevor Provincial Park. Parking at Resorts for Resort Guests Only.



  • Please respect private property & the environment

    Tidal Treasures are NEVER placed on private property or in designated environmentally sensitive areas!

    Avoid walking through sensitive dunegrass.


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  • Please only take one treasure

    If you are lucky enough to find more than one treasure, keep only one and leave something for others to find.


    Tidal Treasures Vancouver Island is a showcase for the large number of talented glass artists working on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands, bringing their artwork directly to you. Visit their websites to learn more about them.

    Allan Gott

    Address: Duncan BC

    Phone: NA

    Email: allan.gott@live.ca

    Website: Artwork available exclusively through E.J. Hughes Gallery in Duncan BC

    Cowichan Valley resident Allan Gott’s journey with hot glass began in Calgary 30 years

    ago and continues today on Gabriola and Vancouver Island. Always adventurous in the studio, Gott explores the interaction of hot glass with any materials that come to hand, considers the results and goes forward. Unique combinations provide designs that satisfy his non-traditional glass aesthetic.

    Bob McLeod Glass

    Address: Coulter Road Campbell River, BC

    Phone: (250) 287-8618

    Email: bobmcl@telus.net

    Website: www.bobmcleodglass.ca

    Bob McLeod and Shannon Proctor-McLeod work out of their own studio and revel in the immediacy of glass: once you start a piece, you have to finish it. Their wall hangings are truly a collaborative effort with Bob making the individual components, and Shannon’s eye and imagination that completes each piece.

    D' Dance Glass

    Address: 1718 Tashtego Cr, Gabriola Island BC

    Phone: (250) 247-9430

    Email: dirkandmaryann@shaw.ca

    Website: artsgabriola.ca

    Art made with passion and fire, D'dance Glass offers functional and decorative glass. D’dance Glass is Dirk Huysman and Mary Ann Richards. They have been delving in the magic of glass for 17 years. Come watch 1000 degree C glass become art from the viewing gallery during the open house events or by appointment throughout the year. See us on the annual Gabriola Island Studio Tour.

    The Glass Foundry

    Address: 401 Upper Ganges Road, Salt Spring Island BC

    Phone: (250) 537-9200

    Email: info@theglassfoundry.com

    Website: www.theglassfoundry.com

    Founded in 1996, the Glass Foundry is a working example of a small scale manufacturing business that recycles approx. 12,000 pounds of scrap glass per year. Mark Lauckner also designs super energy efficient glass furnace equipment, now in use in numerous countries around the world.

    Robert Held Art Glass

    Address: 708 E. Island Hwy, Parksville, BC

    Phone: (250) 586-4353

    Email: info@robertheld.com

    Website: www.robertheld .com

    Robert Held Art Glass offers beautiful, unique pieces of glass blowing art for sale as well as classes for those looking to learn more about this creative and fun art medium. With more than 45 years of glass blowing experience, our pieces add vivid splashes of color and sophistication to any home, office space or gallery... there is a beautiful glass art piece for every taste and style!

    Sarah Mulligan Glass

    Address: 3-555 Hillside Ave, Victoria BC

    Phone: (250) 884-0189

    Email: glass@sarahmulligan.com

    Website: www.sarahmulligan.com

    Sarah Mulligan was fascinated by the grittiness of the process yet the beautiful fluid nature of the medium of molten glass. Sarah’s work is comprised of both blown and fused glass, which both display elements of simple design, attention to detail, and exhibit an affinity of the natural world.

    Shannon Shepherd

    Address: 5870 Primrose Drive, Nanaimo, BC V9T6B8

    Phone: 1-855-726-2420

    Email: reflectingspiritgallery@gmail.com

    Website: www.reflectingspirit.ca/artists/shannon-shepherd/

    Shannon creates in her Nanaimo studio home. The glass world is Shannon's big love and she remains deeply passionate about this form of artistic expression as she continues to create wonderful shards of light.


  • FAQ's

    Here are a few answers to your frequently asked questions.

    How many treasures do the Float Fairies put out?

    The Fairies have been allocated a certain number of treasures each month for each beach. When they go out, how many they put out and where they are placed is up to them. Remember they are not placed in environmentally sensitive areas. Fairies go out rain or shine.

    What do I do when I find a treasure?

    You keep it! If you find a glass float with a special red star, take it to the Parksville Visitor Centre or the Gift Shop at Tigh-Na-Mara Spa Resort to collect a fabulous prize. If you find one of our other treasures take it to one of the above locations to discover more about the artist and register for a chance to win a prize.

    How can I get involved to support this initiative?

    Support comes in many different ways. Sponsorship or donations are always welcome to assist with associated costs. You can also support our local businesses when you are in our area by shopping in our stores, eating in our restaurants, staying in our hotels and visiting our artists studios.

    Where is Oceanside?

    Oceanside is part of the Regional District of Nanaimo and includes the City of Parksville, the Town of Qualicum Beach as well as Nanoose Bay, Coombs, Errington, French Creek, Bowser, Deep Bay, Qualicum Bay and a few other smaller centres.

    How do we know if there are still treasures to be found?

    Treasure hunting is just that, some are found and some are not. Fairies do not go back and check but most know where they have placed them and most times when they come back, no treasures are left behind.

    Do you hide treasures in other areas such as the park, playground, etc.?

    No we only place treasures above the high tide line on the beach. We do not go off the beach on to private property, or into environmentally sensitive areas.

    What beaches are you hiding the treasures?

    Parksville Community Park Beach, Rathtrevor Provincial Park and Resort Row. Please refer to our maps for exact locations.

    Will you be hiding treasures on our beach in Victoria, Nanaimo, Tofino, etc.?

    No. This is a collaboration with local glass artists to attract tourism and increase business profiles in our area during the off-season winter months.

    How long will you be doing this?

    Tidal Treasures Vancouver Island runs from November through April. But you never know, some treasures may still be found during the summer.


    Find out about what inspired this non-profit program and what our goals are.

    Our Story

    Glass floats were once used by fishermen to keep their fishing nets afloat. Occasionally they would break loose and wash up on shore, becoming a popular collectors' item for beachcombers. With this in mind, Robert Held, a local glass artist, thought it would be exciting and fun to place glass floats on our beaches in Oceanside. The idea was presented to other glass artists from Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands, some floats were made, and Tidal Treasures was born.

    We chose to run our program in the off- season to create excitement during the quiet winter months.

    Tidal Treasures is a non-profit group made possible by cash donations and grants and the many volunteers who work behind the scenes.

    Our Environment

    Beaches are alive. They are home to birds, grasses, invertebrates and more. Our recreational activity has an impact on beach ecosystems and therefore it's important that we pay special attention to our surroundings while using our beaches. Please observe the signs placed in front of environmentally sensitive areas. For more information, go to:

    Tourism & Art

    Oceanside is a travel destination with no shortage of things to see and do. It offers an abundance of talented artists from potters to painters and glass blowers to quilters. Discover the extraordinary beauty of our islands, mountains, oceans, wildlife, nature and the friendliness of our people. It will leave you with wonderful memories and a lingering desire to return again and again.

    Besides creating some fun and excitement, the goal of Tidal Treasures is to attract tourists during the off-season, raise the profile of island glass artisans, increase business for local merchants, and educate the public about our beach environments.



    Tidal Treasures is a non-profit group made possible by cash donations and grants and the many volunteers who work behind the scenes.

    Please support our GoFundMe campaign.


    Tidal Treasures is possible due to the generous support of the Regional District of Nanaimo and local businesses. We urge all treasure seekers to pay these businesses a visit to thank them for their participation.

  • Don’t forget… Pick up after your pet!

    Take a little bag along and dispose of it safely.


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    Introduction video to Tidal Treasures Vancouver Island. Video courtesy of Arbutus RV


    Discover the beauty of the Oceanside region. Video courtesy of Divisions of Family Practice


    Robert Held Art Glass is where many Tidal Treasures are born.​


    Another great video of the Parksville, Qualicum area. Video courtesy of Royal lePage

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    We hope you enjoy the Oceanside area and we wish you the best of luck with your hunt for Tidal Treasures!